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Hi Everyone,

Great to be here - I had to cancel my wedding in Italy due to the CoronaVirus. Trying to figure out plan B - not sure exactly what we'll do. But I'm here to learn more about Virtual Weddings & to hear about other couple's experiences.

I imagine it's be really cool if this concept of virtual avatars gets mixed with weddings. This company looks like it's building interesting tools for interaction: https://www.virbela.com/
If there was a way to pair their avatar technology with live stream video, I think it'd be a good experience. Plus one day that will all be inside virtual reality :)

You can create & edit a template to create your own game. Would be super fun to play at your virtual wedding!!!
Love this - I imagine that tons of companies are building more games for groups to play together :)
I haven't talked to my family much about a virtual wedding. It's such a new idea. I'm curious what feedback others have got from their families?
I was supposed to have our wedding in Italy in September. It seems to look like Italy's numbers are dropping. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/italy/

What's the likelihood there will be another wave?
Hey everyone, has anyone else cancelled or postponed their big wedding day? Mine was scheduled for Italy this September until crap hit the fan! Trying to figure out Plan B. Good news is I was able to recoup all costs minus airfare. I also have a wedding dress collecting dust in my closet. :) 
Hello, My son and future daughter in law were supposed to be married in early Fall and had to cancel their plans - interested to see how other couples use virtual weddings to create their special day!
My wedding was scheduled for June in California and we had to postpone it because we just couldn't put ourselves and our families at risk.