Micah Cohen

Founder, VirtualWedding.io
Hi everyone! I'm an entrepreneur & writer. More importantly, I love to travel, cook, play soccer, paint & generally be goofy.
We're here to help with family drama - no matter what, there's always some drama with weddings :)
Hey all, what channels would be helpful for everyone for their virtual wedding?

Announcing: Virtual Wedding Venue

Announcing our Virtual Wedding Venue!

I'm excited to share we've built an incredible tool for Virtual Weddings. I'm happy so share the tool over video call with you :) Feel free to schedule a call here.

  • Wedding themed background
  • Private tables (add names, let guests move around)
  • Broadcast on Main Stage (+ group chat, Q&A, polls, etc.)
  • Automatically records the Main Stage :)
  • HD Video
  • and more!!!

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OMG - The Office Reunites For Virtual Weddings

This is amazing - the cast of The Office returns to celebrate a virtual wedding: https://virtualwedding.io/the-office-cast-reunites-for-virtual-weddings/