Micah Cohen

Founder, VirtualWedding.io
Hi everyone! I'm an entrepreneur & writer. More importantly, I love to travel, cook, play soccer, paint & generally be goofy.
If you postponed/cancelled an in-person wedding, have you made progress with your vendors, flights, hotels, etc?

If you're planning a virtual wedding, did you send invites, find an officiant, find a video tool, write your vows, prep your clothes, get a marriage license, etc?

What are you hoping to achieve this week? Answer below:
This is amazing - the cast of The Office returns to celebrate a virtual wedding: https://virtualwedding.io/the-office-cast-reunites-for-virtual-weddings/
this is amazing - loved that dancing - I want that at my virtual wedding :)

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Corona Virus issues

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Some ideas I was thinking through:

Karaoke, Poker, Live DJs, Dance competitions, Chat rooms, Quiplash, etc.

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