Becca Fredde

bride and wedding planner
Hello everyone! I am a wedding planner and a bride! My soon-to-be husband and I own and operate a few businesses. Him and I are interested to see what virtual weddings are all about!
With this opportunity, we have a chance to have more family, long-distant and sick, attend important life moments. It is important to remember to include those moments you would at a real ceremony. For example, my fiance and I still plan on doing a sand ceremony, first dance, the cake and drink, etc. I loved Micah's way of bringing the seating chart and moving around into play. It makes people feel like it is more than just something they are watching but something they are immersed in and included in. I love the idea of an online photo booth with props where the guests could still take pictures just as if they were actually AT the wedding. A little IT and effects and there ya go. You can even throw in your very own wedding hashtag. 
This is going to be a real game changer