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My partner and I are planning our wedding again after postponing.
We are having a wedding with 30 people and a virtual video for people who cannot go to be there with us and go for dinner possible.

The wait until 2022 for our first anniversary for a reception.

need advice whether it's a good idea 
Hi, welcome to the community! Antonia & Jack's Wedding what are you planning to do fir virtual video? Happy to support you :)

Hey all! We’re considering a Zoom wedding since our July celebration is no longer happening. What are you doing about music, if anything?
Great question jillll - one option is to hiring a musician on to sing right after the ceremony is completed (would be a nice touch). In terms of celebrating for a while, there are some great wedding playlists on Spotify. What are your thinking about for music? ....Any ideas Lee Shadle Jo Higgison Jaira Romero ?
I love the idea of using for this, doing something like they did in that Office virtual wedding video you shared here:

Also, we had a musician scheduled for our June wedding and we're contacting them to see if they'd be available for a virtual wedding.  There are a bunch of great wedding musicians/bands that I'm sure would be open to something like this...
This is amazing - the cast of The Office returns to celebrate a virtual wedding:
this is amazing - loved that dancing - I want that at my virtual wedding :)
Could we get married if my husband to be and I are long distance rn? If so where? And how?
Great question @captiancx - You can definitely get married long distance. Using a Facebook Live, Zoom call or others, you can set up a video call with you, your significant other & an officiant (live streamed to your friends in family via Facebook, Zoom or Youtube). The legal question is a bit different - I wrote an article about it here: Basically, it depends what country/state you're in. For example, you could get 100% legally married online if you're both in the state of New York or California. But it could get tricky depending on your location. Where are you & your significant other located?
My wedding was scheduled for June in California and we had to postpone it because we just couldn't put ourselves and our families at risk. So excited to see there is still a way for me to get married while keeping my family and friends safe.
Hi Everyone,

Great to be here - I had to cancel my wedding in Italy due to the CoronaVirus. Trying to figure out plan B - not sure exactly what we'll do. But I'm here to learn more about Virtual Weddings & to hear about other couple's experiences.

Hey everyone, has anyone else cancelled or postponed their big wedding day? Mine was scheduled for Italy this September until crap hit the fan! Trying to figure out Plan B. Good news is I was able to recoup all costs minus airfare. I also have a wedding dress collecting dust in my closet. :) 
Hello, My son and future daughter in law were supposed to be married in early Fall and had to cancel their plans - interested to see how other couples use virtual weddings to create their special day!
My wedding was scheduled for June in California and we had to postpone it because we just couldn't put ourselves and our families at risk.