Hey all! Weโ€™re considering a Zoom wedding since our July celebration is no longer happening. What are you doing about music, if anything?
Great questionย jillll - one option is to hiring a musician on Cameo.com to sing right after the ceremony is completed (would be a nice touch). In terms of celebrating for a while, there are some great wedding playlists on Spotify. What are your thinking about for music? ....Any ideasย Lee Shadleย Jo Higgisonย Jaira Romeroย ?
I love the idea of using cameo.com for this, doing something like they did in that Office virtual wedding video you shared here:

Also, we had a musician scheduled for our June wedding and we're contacting them to see if they'd be available for a virtual wedding.ย  There are a bunch of great wedding musicians/bands that I'm sure would be open to something like this...

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